On Utoya: Anders Breivik, right terror, racism and Europe


Introduction: On Utøya    Elizabeth Humphrys and Guy Rundle

Part One – the Event

July 22, 2011: Anders Breivik as a group of one    Guy Rundle

2083: Breivik’s 21st-century fascist manifesto    Richard Seymour

Part Two – European Prelude

The Panic in Europe: Islamophobia and the Right    Jeff Sparrow

Anders Breivik and the History of Right-Wing Terror    Guy Rundle

What is Fascism, Now?    Anindya Bhattacharyya

Traitors in our Midst: targeting the green/left in the ‘war on terror’    Lizzie O’Shea

Strange bedfellows: the new nexus between Israel and the far right    Antony Loewenstein

A Note on Breivik’s anti-semitism: the national versus the international Jew    Richard Seymour

Part Three – Global Aftermath

Depoliticising Utøya: Anders Breivik as ‘madman’    Tad Tietze

Madness and Western Civilisation    Tad Tietze

Your ‘Terrorists’, Our ‘Lone Wolves’: Utøya in the shadow of 9/11    Elizabeth Humphrys

Repoliticising Utøya    Jeff Sparrow


Language, Violence, Politics    Tad Tietze

Commonwealth of Fear: the right and the manufacture of hate in Australia    Guy Rundle